The Morningstar Difference

We treasure referrals as the best advertising.

We do not advertise our services.  Almost everything we do is a referral from someone that knows us and our reputation.  Our reputation and the way we treat customers, members, co-workers and others is core to our mission.  Our clients are like-minded and share this committment.  This is also good business.

Our clients are investors, developers, lenders, public and private institutions and families.

The golf industry has changed significantly in recent years.  One major shift is the separation of ownership and management.  Relationships with our owners and partners are the most valuable asset within Morningstar.  At Morningstar, we act in the owner’s best interests.  As equity owners ourselves, we understand the risks associated with ownership and stewardship of our client’s investment commands our full attention.

Our principals and senior management are actively involved with each project.  If time constraints prevent us from honoring this commitment we shall not undertake a project.

We will only become involved with one client, club or facility within a local competitive market.
Relationships are everything.  Trust between a club and its members, a course and its customers or between Morningstar and its clients or partners must be mutual and absolute.  For that reason, Morningstar shall not undertake a project or investment if it risks competing with the interests of another client.